My Battle Plan

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mamas everywhere deserve a break today!  Can I get an “AMEN!”?

I pray this offers us encouragement:

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. -Galatians 6:9

May God bless each of you for the millions of unselfish acts you perform every day to pour goodness and love into your children’s hearts and lives.

I’m so touched by the support and kind words from everyone that has read my blog.  Thank you.  And I’m amazed and slightly overwhelmed at how therapeutic it has initially been to unload.  And I’m just getting started.  I’ve sat down to write on a few occasions this past week and I’ve discovered that some days the words aren’t there and I find real comfort in reading other’s blogs.  And other days, the words want to come like a flood–and so do the tears.  There have been a lot of tears this week that just pour out of me and seem to come out of nowhere. Sometimes it’s like–what? again?  But they feel like tears that are coming from deep places that need to be released.  I feel like they have been set in motion by me writing.  I really hope they stop soon.

I saw my podiatrist.  He was wonderful, he took his time with my feet and he didn’t make me feel like a freak for wanting to take a more naturopathic approach at this point.  AND he was happy to sign the form for me.  I told him he was now officially part of my wellness team.  I had to try really hard not to cry when I told him what my rheumatologist had done. But I wanted his two cents about the situation–particularly since he has worked with my Dr. in the past.  He said he really should have signed the form and was surprised by his decision (to be a jerk!), but that I should still give him a second chance since he is trying to treat me with the med.s he thinks are best.  We’ll see.  I’m still undecided about going back.

I want to share what I am doing at this stage in my battle with RA.  Someday, I’d like to get to everything I’ve tried.  I bet many of you would be able to say–been there, done that!  It should really be a list I refer well intending friends and family to if they offer another possible solution or cure.  For example, cherry juice–I have drunk more cherry juice than I would ever like to drink again in my life.  It didn’t help.  And I drank a LOT for a long enough period of time to know whether it was helping or not.

Onward and upward…

Here is what I am doing daily:


Wobenzyme  (8 tablets in two divided doses)

Buffered Vitamin C/powdered form (6 grams in three divided doses)

Vitamin D (4ooo IU)

Multi vitamin (high quality one created by my naturopath)

Omega 3’s (mega dosing!)

Probiotic (Lactobacillus Plantarum)

Meal replacement (designed to reduce inflammation and aid in repairing the gut)

Aloe Vera gel (I drink a few ounces in morning)

LOTS of water

Organic whole foods diet as much as possible  (But I like my coffee and sweets as much as the next guy!)

Deep breathing and stretching

Twice a week:

Strength training with personal trainer (And boy is she limited with me, folks!  I do almost everything sitting or lying down.)


Pilates with personal trainer (Because I wouldn’t do them on my own!)

And last, but not least–my husband and I make an effort to get to bed around 10 pm on weeknights.  Some nights it’s even earlier, which usually prompts my husband to turn to me in bed before we turn out the light and say, “We’re old people. We’re going to bed early.”  To which I have been known to say with a smile, “What do you want to do–go clubbing?”  We both know this is ridiculous for more reasons than one and off the light goes.  Sleep is so critical to repair, which is why I must turn in for the night even though there is so much more I want to share.  It’s way past my bed time!