Up to Breath

He joined the party as soon as the last guest left.

Woke up this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Decided it was about time to blog. I have not had a chance to respond to the recent comments on my blog.  But I hope to soon.  They really moved me. I started working on a different post this morning. Until I finish it, I want to at least get up a shorter post. I feel like I can breath now and have the desire to sit down and write something finally. Had to make it through a huge birthday party. The stress was overwhelming to say the least. More people in my home at once than ever before. I wanted to see everyone that came and visit with them–just not all at once. Also felt like a coming out party of sorts for me since the question, “What is it that you have again?” came up when I was sitting down to eat.  Some at the party know that I have been dealing with RA symptoms and pain, while others that are good friends are completely clueless.

I have actually been feeling pretty good lately.   I’ve been taking a hot epsom/sea salt bath in the morning now and dry brushing my skin, finally making regular massage therapy appointments and noticing that DHEA has definitely boosted my energy. So, for now, I feel comfortable continuing with what is working. And I do say, for now. I am also rebounding on a mini trampoline to stimulate my lymph system, among many other bodily systems. A real trampoline would be great. Maybe some day. Of course, jumping where it’s air conditioned is much better in the summer! And not sure my feet could handle serious jumping.

Dealing with a strange rash around my breast area for few weeks now.  It is in spots and patches of varying sizes and isn’t raised. They biopsied a piece of skin on my breast last week. The stitches fell out two days later and weren’t supposed to be removed for another week and a half.  Girl that stitched me was in training.  I am not even going to go there right now regarding this incident. Lab report came back as probably dermatitis. My Dr. decided to put a patch on my back for two days to test me for 29 different allergens.  I thought the whole process was somewhat ridiculous, but insurance was actually paying for this, so I went along. And maybe something was ticking my skin off.  If so, I thought it would be good to find out.  I did not react to anything. I have also had an ELISA/ACT test done in the past to test for allergens.  (More about that someday.) I did find an interesting study on pub med about rare RA related skin rashes and found pictures on a John Hopkins site.  It’s not going away and is spreading in patches down my trunk.  All the Dr. could do was offer a steroid cream.  So not happy about this.  It doesn’t itch and I don’t even know it’s there unless I’m looking at it.  But like I said, it’s not going away.

On another note, I finally made a decision about my current rheumatologist. He’s getting the boot! I called my Dr.’s office this morning and asked for a follow up appointment with the “nice” rheumatologist. I now have an appointment to see him next week. Haven’t spoken with him since November of last year when he was filling in for my Dr. and did a boat load of bloodwork. I just called (a few hours later since they are in the same practice) and cancelled the other appointment I’ve had for a couple months with my other Dr. (the not so nice one).  I called with more than a days notice remaining and the receptionist said they require a reason for canceling (huh?!), and will I be following up? What am I supposed to say? I am canceling because  Dr. blank was insensitive and I don’t want to give him the time of day? And yes, I am following up–with ANOTHER Dr.  Can you pass that on to my Dr., please? I just told her that I was canceling because there were no changes and I will be following up.