The Ultimate

The ultimate husband that is. About a year ago I went on a women’s retreat with two of my new neighbors. We drove up together and bunked in the same room. God met us there too. It was awesome. It was something we all said we would do again. While on the retreat, there was a table with resources for things like marriage and parenting. I saw this cover and thought it was hilarious. I told the girls we should send our guys a snapshot of it and tell them it was what the retreat was really about. We had a good laugh! In all seriousness, today is my wedding anniversary and this is my guy! He is the ultimate husband to me!

He really is and I am so blessed and so in love with him. Happy Anniversary, baby!

(He doesn’t read my blog. And he can’t seem to remember the name of it. But why would he? He lives it with me. Who wants to read about it in their spare time? But I am going to send him a link so he knows he is the ultimate husband to me.) 🙂