Why God Why?

The receptionist at my rheumatologist’s office just called to tell me that she made a mistake when she scheduled my appointment for Monday, June 14 with the nice Dr. since I am a patient of Dr. Blank.  (DEEP BREATH…)  She said it is their office policy to not allow patients to switch Dr.s.  I said, “So even though it is my choice as a patient to chose my Dr., because of your office policy I can’t choose. ”  I told her that when I saw the nice Dr. when he filled in for Dr. Blank, I told him that I wanted him to be my Dr. and he said it would be tricky (– not impossible).  I am so upset about this. So, now I don’t have an appointment. When she asked me if I wanted an appointment with Dr. Blank the same day, I told her no. I also told her to tell them that I might be getting my records.

I hate conflict.  I am not the type to get in someone’s face and argue or yell.  I mean, don’t provoke me, but generally speaking, I try to avoid conflict.  I feel stress as a result of this incident involving the Dr. world.  Needless to say, I have already begun my search online for other rheumatologists as possibilities.  But if I have to start from scratch with another rheumatologist, I will have to wait three or four times as long to get an appointment since I will be a new patient.  But I might also find a great Dr. that values what I have been doing to support my immune system naturally and understands the importance of breastfeeding.  Oh wait–I already did find that Dr.  But I can’t get an appointment with him because of an office policy!