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2 thoughts on “You are Loved!

  1. I was just reclassified with PA after being treated for RA 28 years. Did you have a period of adjustment, in your head? I am trying to explain how I feel to hubby, a close girlfriend and my family dr but can’t seem to make them understand I feel almost like I am starting over with a new battle. I am usually a very upbeat, positive persona nd have taught the Arthritis Self-Management Program in the past for a ten year period so I know the things to say etc. Feeling blah and wearing pjs daily is not my usual m.o. so my hubby thinks I’m depressed. Both my dr and friend who is a therapist agree there is a period of mourning or adjustment. Have you found this to be the case?

    Four boys? You must have stores of energy. I look back on being a struggling working Mom with RA at 27 years of age and it makes me cry but you put one foot in front of the other, right? Do you have the super fatigue? I gave up wheat 1+ year ago and that helped a bit. It really helped the itching of the splotches on my lower calf. So far one on my face though eczema like areas in mouth corners, inside upper nostrils and in crease of my lower left ear lobe. Sigh

    I feel your pain about the footwear. I had beautiful shoes. They made me feel beautiful and statuesque at 5’11” , now I wear almost flats so it makes me a dumpy 5’8″. I had foot surgery 3 years ago to correct the toes on my left foot…they are going back to their previous positions…and the pain is worse. Thank goodness for my orthotics over the past 15 years.

    Don’t imagine you’ll have time to write back with a full house though it would be nice. Just knowing others are in the leaking boat with me is a comfort. I checked out the Part 1 of the psoriatic explanation by the dr on the Psoriasis community page and found it very helpful. Thanks for blogging. I appreciate it.

    Suzanne in Kelowna,BC,Canada

    • Hi Suzanne!

      It’s a pleasure to hear from you! I’m in the leaking boat with you. It’s connecting with fellow sufferers like yourself that help me keep from sinking! I totally get what you are talking about in terms of how it feels to receive a new diagnosis. The same happened to me and it really caught me off guard. I remembered writing about it and looked at an old post I wrote back in 2010. I copied part of it for you below. You are not alone in how a new diagnosis has affected you. I’m so sorry you have to go through it all again. 😦

      From 2010:
      “On the one hand, it feels oddly wonderful to know that what is going on with me has a name and is happening to others all around the world. And having a peace about my diagnosis is priceless. But on the other hand, I’ve caught myself dealing almost all over again with the feelings associated with being told you have a chronic illness without a cause and without a cure.”

      I don’t know about stores of energy. 🙂 When people ask how I do it I tell them God and coffee. Giving up grains definitely gave me more energy and eating a healthy wholefoods diet is critical for me. But you said it–one foot in front of the other–day by day is all I can focus on most days. Thinking about what my body might be like in the future is a total bummer.

      I will always write back. It just isn’t usually right away. I have a four year old attached to the hip. 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to share your story with me. I truly appreciate it. You were in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day today.

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