My Life in the Before and After

I love watching design shows. Love. Can’t get enough. I really love seeing a room transformed into something that brings the homeowners joy and functions well for them. I’m having the time of my life making our own house a home. It is something that gives me great pleasure (thank you very much, disease, you can’t take that away). It is good medicine to love your surroundings or at least feel at peace in them, if you ask me.

Β And who doesn’t love a good before and after?

Unfortunately, with these crummy autoimmune diseases spawning all over the place, the before and afters aren’t always so pretty. I gathered a few disease related before and afters of my own to share. Sorry, have to show the toes again. If I am willing to once again throw my nasty toes up on the internet, you know there is love involved. I get more Google search hits for things toe related than anything else.


(Pre-antibiotic protocol)



(Five months into the protocol)




AFTER (Five weeks later)

(Large number of people praying for me, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, limited activity)

second MRI





(The closest I can get to a sexy heel these days without my feet screaming, “Mercy!”)



(My diet pre-disease consisted of artificial colors, artificial flavors, sugar, dairy, grains)



(Post-disease I avoid all of the above as often as possible because it can make you sick!)


(View from my back porch and fog that causes me crazy pain)




What brings me joy amidst having a ridiculous disease.




(I still want to paint the ceiling. My neck doesn’t though.) πŸ™‚


And just for fun, because I have no shame now that you’ve seen my ugly feet. πŸ™‚




(Someone at the mall did my make-up in this photo and I can not seem to reproduce the same look for the life of me. Darn those toxic, but beautifying products that I chose not to purchase!)


Praying this finds all of you feeling the best you possibly can in the after!


5 thoughts on “My Life in the Before and After

    • And I am always so happy to hear from you, Lana! You know how life goes though–this moment in time when my body leans more toward being cooperative could change on me tomorrow. And just to keep it real–there have been a lot of things happening in my life that are more difficult than anything I have ever dealt with. On the flip side, I feel so blessed and am so grateful. I pray this finds you and your children well! Sending a giant hug back to you!!

  1. What an uplifting post. I love reading about all the great things happening for you. And wow! The dining room looks amazing!!!! I totally get the toxic beauty products. I am constantly on searching for products or making my own. Thanks for sharing your progress. This method of treatment is still in the back of my mind as something to try at some point. πŸ™‚

    • Awww, thank you, Cathy! I love the skin deep website! Such a valuable resource. Making your own? Awesome! Isn’t it crazy what is in beauty products? It behooves me that so many chemicals are allowed in our products and food. I get angry when I see commercials for baby bath and lotion products that I know are simply bottles of toxins that we are led to believe we are loving our babies with. Hope you and your precious family are doing well!

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