In Honor of My Father

Dear Dad,

I wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts today in honor of Veteran’s Day. Thank you for your dedicated service to our country and to our family. I am proud of you and praise God that you returned safely to us each time you were deployed.

I never liked being a military kid growing up. Moving and changing schools frequently was extremely hard for me. Saying good-bye to dear friends over and over always broke my heart. And being the new kid–sometimes in the middle of the school year was especially difficult for me since I was a shy kid.

May your retirement be blessed!

But now that I am an adult, I am able to look back with so much gratitude for the experience. It taught me how to adapt to new situations and places quickly, to reach out to people when I walk into a room of strangers and introduce myself, and you showed me different parts of the world and various cultures that I may never be exposed to again. I feel immeasurably blessed. But I am most blessed by the fact that I have a father that proudly served his country with honor and courage. Thank you, Dad.

P.S. I still have all of the letters you sent me when you were deployed. They are treasures to me and pieces of history.


5 thoughts on “In Honor of My Father

  1. This is lovely. Your father is a great man and when we are kids, we don’t always see the gifts that our parents have to offer, but as adults we do. Happy Veterans Day and thank you to your father for his service.

  2. Dear Daughter, Thank you for your kind thoughts. I didn’t realize the moving was hard on you since you did it so well. I am looking forward to being with you all for Thanksgiving and then the UT/A&M game. I love you, Dad

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